The Floral Hand of God

The Floral Hand of God

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Discover How the Secret Healing Codes of Flowers Can Help you:

Beat anxiety and stress at the root level of your instinctual fight-flight reactions.

Attract a new romantic relationship or fan the flames of your existing relationship.

Mend the invisible hole in your heart that comes with the loss of a relationship, a loved one, or a pet.

Align your intentions and unleash your inner power so you can fulfill your goals and do your life s work with ease and grace.

Overcome hidden energy blocks that are holding back your spiritual progress.

Clear sabotaging memories of emotional trauma and abuse so you can accomplish lasting change in your life

Turn confidence into certainty, a great key to your future success.

Get this book now and take the first step to a personal breakthrough.

The Floral Hand of God is a trilogy in one book consisting of:

a) Adventure stories that led to the discovery of a whole new approach to the evolution of consciousness, core stress reduction, and personal transformation.

b) Presentation of landmark research and scientific discoveries in the area of quantum mind, quantum biology and quantum physics, together with new models that can explain rapid personal transformation.

c) A self-help rapid reference that instructs how to employ newly discovered flower essences to reduce core level stress and assist positive life transformation and manifestation.