Amethyst Orgone Single Terminated Crystal Stone Wand

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Crystal wands have so many benefits and healing properties that it is sometimes called a “magical wand.” Crystal wands are made of an amazing facade of natural gemstones. When you need focus or clarity, wands are good to hold. They could be short or long, with a facing or smooth cylindrical shape. Additionally, they have properties where you can point to one end and round the other end of the wand. They can also be circled or marked at both ends. And some wands are wider, rough, and naturally pointed than the other. Through this shape, the energy is channeled towards you.

Crystal wands are a versatile stone that has benefits in various areas such as healing, meditation, energy cleansing, love and relationship, massage, and more! One of the benefits of using a crystal wand is massage, this crystal is perfect for facial and body massages, especially curve-shaped wands. Additionally, one of the benefits of crystal wands as healing aids. They have a powerful energy that can be used to channel all the negative energy in your body and work on those parts that need repair. This crystal is also known as the power of intention which is great if you want to set your life goals!