Liquid Chlorophyll

Liquid Chlorophyll

  • ₱900.00


Adults – Mix 15ml of chlorophyll(one tablespoon of chlorophyll) in 250ml of water and drink it regularly.
Children – Mix 1/2 tablespoon of chlorophyll in one glass of water, Don’t mix with hot water, mix it with cold water.
*Note: Scientific Research on chlorophyll had won the noble prize for 3 times.


1. Inhibits bacterial growth.
2. Improves oral health.
3. Strengthens Immune system.
4. Eliminating body odor.
5. Delays ageing process.
6. Balances acid and alkaline levels.
7. Increases red blood cells.
8. Provides iron to organs.
9. Soothes sore throat.
10. Abates the risk of bronchitis.
11. Enhances metabolism.
12. Abates digestive problems.
13. Detoxified blood.
14. Stabilize body temperature.
15. Controls the blood sugar level.