God who Walked on Earth by Rangaswami Parthasarathy

God who Walked on Earth by Rangaswami Parthasarathy

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Who was Sai Baba? Where did he come from and what was his message? How and why was he worshipped as God? Who were his disciples and how were they attracted to him? What do his lilas, his compassion and the succour and relief he brought to them in their hour of need both before and after his samadhi?

These and many other questions are answered in this biography of a living God who charmed and captured the hearts of people of all walks of life, of all religions, rich and poor, the learned and the illiterate. Many books have been written about Sai Baba of Shirdi but this one is different. For the first time a connected and objective account of the life and times of Sai Baba is given in simple and easy-to-understand language without omitting any aspect of Baba's life and his philosophy.

The book presents an absorbing story of a man who came to Shirdi as a fakir, was teased by children and frowned upon by sceptical villagers and remained to reign as a spiritual leader, the greatest saints of all times. He became a god who walked on earth. It is a book which every Sai devotee will like to possess as a Bible of Baba's teachings and a remembrance of the great Master whose idol or portrait adorns the pooja rooms of millions of homes throughout the country.